Hey Daddy-O


Blackboard Jungle is not the first J.D. picture (that honor,to the best of my knowledge,goes to Dead End) but it definitely set the template for the deluge of delinquent flicks to follow. Leather jackets. Drape haircuts. Switchblades. Everything but drag races and chicken runs. The hoods ahem I mean kids are by turns endearingly flippant and downright sinister…especially gang leader Vic Morrow. The scene where he busts the poor geeky math teacher’s collection of swing records was,for a vinyl fiend like me,very painful to watch. Sidney Poitier was great as always,even though it’s kinda hard to buy him as an undereducated punk. And Glenn Ford absolutely ruled as the beleagured teacher. All rise for our national anthem: “One,two,three o’clock,four o’clock rock…”



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