New Wave J.D.s


James Spader as a hero? Stranger things have happened. The same year (1985) that he menaced the Full House chick in The New Kids (aforementioned in my review The Rat Bastard Pack) he played defense against a nasty street gang in Tuff Turf. This one has all the elements of a classic J.D. flick: Misunderstood hero. Family turmoil. Love triangle. Dirty Street fights. It also boasts a great performance by musician/poet Jim Carroll and his band (with Robert Downey Jr. on drums?!). Oh,and Repo Man fans take note: Olivia “Laugh away, fuckface!” Barash is amongst the passel of hoods that hassle our protagonist. You wanna start a rumble?

SEE! SEE! SEE!: High School Caeser, Switchblade Sisters,Teenage Gang Debs,Teenage Doll, Blackboard Jungle, Dead End, The Violent Years


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