Just A Little Off The Top,Please


Hmm…there seems to be an accidental pattern developing in my viewing habits as of late…the Indian legend horror flick. First, The Chooper, then Track Of The Moon Beast…and now Scalps. (I should probably go ahead and see The Manitou while I’m at it.) It’s got the old “stay off the old Indian burial ground or you’ll piss off the spirits” plot. Stylistically it owes alot to The Evil Dead  but doesn’t deliver anywhere close to that amount of shocks and wall-to-wall splatter…at least not til the third act. It achieves a pretty creepy atmosphere and the kills are early 80’s nasty. All in all it’s a pretty decent early effort by director Fred Olen Ray, who would soon find his niche making gleefully campy films in the vhs and cable era full of ludicrous plots, flippant dialogue and bodacious babes (including Sybil Danning, Linnea Quigley and Michelle Bauer). If nothing else, check it out for the cameos: There’s Carroll Borland (from Mark Of The Vampire and some Flash Gordon serials) and you Famous Monsters fiends will of course love seeing ol’ Forry Ackerman…

SEE! SEE! SEE!: The Phantom Empire, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers


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