The Ballad Of Johnny Longbow


Track Of The Moon Beast is basically a funky 70’s rendition of The Wolf Man…except it’s about a nice guy transforming into a lizard man (well, to be geekily accurate, a Komodo Dragon man.) And instead of expository pseudo-Gypsy lore we get pseudo-Indian lore and comic book science. (Pardon my tangent here…but speaking of 40’s horror…Why was there such a proliferation of movies back then where people were turned into or impersonated gorillas? Guess gorilla suits must’ve been a dime a dozen at the time.) Anyway, Moon Beast is by-the-numbers dirt cheap monster schlock. Rick Baker’s makeup and suit are pretty cool though, not as goofy looking as in, say, The Alligator People (which I always thought looked like Pogo’s Albert wearing some snazzy pants.) I recommend watching this flick with Sssssss for a cold-blooded double feature…



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