Sirkian Fear


Stark Fear was marketed as a suspense thriller and there are some harrowing moments in it but at heart it’s really a melodrama. 50’s B-movie icon Beverly Garland (beautiful, witty, strong and classily sexy as always) stars as a woman married to an alcoholic, paranoid, viciously abusive, just absolute rat bastard of a husband. Eventually she escapes him and hits the road, only to encounter some of his equally soused and slimy friends…one misogynistic prick after another. There is one gentleman in her life who loves and treats her right but she’s still conflicted, feeling a strange burden of loyalty to her scumbag husband. (At this point I can imagine everyone in the theater screaming at her as if she’s on a gameshow. But I think alot of women can relate to this situation.) Powerful stuff. Definitely not the typical silly thrillride…

For more of the lovely Beverly Garland, SEE! SEE! SEE!: Not Of This Earth (1956), The Alligator People, Swamp Women, It Conquered The World



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