Tommy Gun Lullabyes


In the wake of Arthur Penn’s bullet ballet Bonnie And Clyde  Roger Corman unleashed Bloody Mama…an even grittier,darker tale of Prohibition-era outlaws. (A subject of no small fascination for him). This one takes it to almost Greek tragedy extremes. You haven’t seen this many twisted people outside of a Chubby Checker concert. Shelley Winters is at her brassy, blustery best as Ma Barker. Don Stroud shines like pond scum in the sunlight as her favorite son Herman. Robert DeNiro is the perpetually out-to-lunch junkie Lloyd. And Bruce Dern comes along for the ride, providing his patented brand of highbeam-eyed creepiness. There is nary a “sympathetic” or even “redeemable” character in the bunch…and still Corman manages to make you care about them. Definitely one of his better efforts. Fun for the whole family! 


SEE! SEE! SEE!: Big Bad Mama, Crazy Mama, The Lady In Red, Machine Gun Kelly, I,Mobster.


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