Weird,Wild Stuff: Brainiac (1961)


Take the creeping dread of Gothic horror and Universal monsters…Fold in the lurid chiaroscuro of film noir…Add a dash of the fever dream logic found in German Expressionism and Surrealism…Garnish with the loopy pseudoscience and chintzy special effects of B-Sci Fi…Bring it all to a roiling boil in a witch’s cauldron…and what you brew up  still wouldn’t be as mindboggling as Brainiac, the classic Mexican flick that caused drive-in and grindhouse patrons, readers of Famous Monsters Of Filmland and bleary-eyed viewers of Zacherley to collectively say “What the fuck?!


I was somewhat prepared, having read about it in my Bible, The Psychotronic Encyclopedia Of Film…and I was still thoroughly scoobified. Do yourself a favor and let Brainiac slip you the tongue…



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