Big Bad Mofos From Toho: Mothra Vs Godzilla


When I was a kid, Godzilla (and other Toho movies) played on t.v. regularly and I loved every one of ’em. I can remember making clay models of ‘Zilla and Mothra in school. I haven’t seen these movies in decades, so I decided to revisit one of my faves, Mothra Vs. GodzillaSure, when you’re a kid you don’t so much notice the chintzy special effects (obvious miniature model sets, toy tanks.) which become glaringly apparent when you’re older…but that only adds to the charms of these films, as does the adorable pop singing duo “The Peanuts” (twins Emi and Yumi Ito) as Mothra’s teensy emissaries.


And there’s just something about every time ‘Zilla goes to stompin’ and whompin’, honkin’ out that radioactive breath and that weird keening roar (achieved by playing an upright bass with a leather glove, then electronically futzing with the pitch, fyi.) that takes you right back to being 8 years old on a Saturday morning, all hopped up on Monster Cereal and cartoons. ‘Zilla and Mothra’s dust-up in this one is intense, hilarious, rollicking and awesome…one of the top Toho throwdowns of all time. (‘Zilla is still a cranky bastard in this one, not the heroic, almost Muppet-cuddly lug he became in the 70’s.) It definitely left me craving more kaiju fu



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