A Rebellion Of Human Garbage


“You’re right. I am a rotten bastard. I admit it. I got alotta hate inside. But I’ll tell ya somethin’. Even though I got alotta hate inside, I got some friends who ain’t got hate inside. They’re filled with nuthin’ but love. Their only crime is growin’ their hair long, smokin’ a little grass, gettin’ high, lookin’ up at the stars at night. Writin’ poetry in the sand. And whaddya do? You bust down their doors, man. Dumbass cop. You bust down their doors and you bust on their heads. You put ’em behind bars. And you know somethin’ funny? They forgive you. I don’t.” – Anchor

Like the rest of Al Adamson’s filmography, Satan’s Sadists is a strange mutant hybrid animal of a movie. It plays like a cross between The Wild Angels and The Searchers. But unlike, say, Horror Of The Blood Monsters, it’s not a paste-up job mixing pre-existing footage with newly shot material and stock footage. It’s a single, simple, unrelenting gut-punch of a story. Russ Tamblyn plays Anchor, leader of the Satans biker gang, a band of damaged, angry misfits who terrorize and brutalize everyone who crosses their path on a hellbent quest for damnation. Anchor is the kinda guy who thinks he’s Brando in The Wild One but is more like Alex in A Clockwork Orange. Still, villains are heroes on their side of the story. And as someone once said: “The one truly terrifying thing in this world is that every man has his reasons.”…



  1. dneitzke · August 19, 2013

    Why can’t you watch some NICE Russ Tamblyn movies like Tom Thumb or West Side Story?… ; )

    • jayghastly · August 19, 2013

      I DID watch West Side Story right after. And I still say “Satan’s Sadists” had better choreography…

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